Motoring Partner is a private automotive service and repair business which has been operating since 2005 from Petaling Utama 3 which is in state of Selangor.

It has established itself in the area as an honest, reliable and well known business, hence it’s motto “Revolution of car maintenance cost”.

Car maintenance cost is rising over the years and its very expensive business. Regular checks and maintenance are vital to a car’s long-term health, and they are sometime required as a condition of manufacturer’s warranties. Checking a car’s moving parts on a regular basis can help to prevent bigger problem further down the line, cars are highly complex machines with hundreds of moving parts. Regular check-ups and maintenance tasks are essential if the vehicle is to remain in good condition. They are also essential if the car’s life is to prolonged for as long as possible. Motoring Partner remain you of the service your automobile needs. Motoring Partner also helps with their Vouchers to keep the service cost to affordable limits

Primarily cars are symbol that identify your status in a society and is a very useful transport mode for you and your family at the time of planning a vacation, not to mention the many chores you use car for everyday. Every body loves owning an automobile because it imparts a sense of pride and elegance. Cars nowadays are easy to buy, with so many financial institutions ready to help you. But it is difficult to maintain. You need the money for maintenance and repair necessary for driving your vehicle. With growing inflation it has become difficult to keep up. But there is help around the corner. You recommend your friends, family members, colleague, pal etc to Motoring Partner and voucher will be issued to recommender. The recommender can check their voucher balance online on our website by logging in to their account. Motoring Partner voucher for car maintenance can be used to significantly reduce the cost of vehicle servicing and Spare parts. Motoring Partner offers a variety of discount voucher on various wear and tear parts. Recommending customers are a great way to lessen your car maintenance cost. Another reason you should pitch for Motoring Partner is the more new customer you recommend the more voucher you get.